Weaving And We—Hangzhou Triennial Of Fibre Art

Zhejiang Art Museum, China National Silk Museum, Museum Of China Academy Of Art, Hangzhou, China

Invited to exhibit at the second Hangzhou Triennial of Fibre Art, Lycia Trouton shared her textile and sculpture work here along with other international artists. This show was built on the themes of Needles & Proverbs, Body & Identity, Weaving & Form, Scene & Phenomenon. The Triennial served as a venue for discussion and dissection of textile, weaving and art on both a minute and a grand scale. On initial conception, this was the first meeting of Chinese audiences with modern fibre art, with artists from over 16 different countries sharing their work. The title of this Triennial—Weaving and We— married well with Trouton’s portfolio, that explores the use of raw materials, handwork and domestic and manual labour to create original structure and form.

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To this showcase, Lycia Trouton brought her touring Irish Linen Memorial. This memorial took on a new version of itself at The Hangzhou Triennial of Fibre Art, as it explored the geography of China’s audience, and unique personal climate and history, while sharing the story of The Troubles of Northern Ireland and the lives that were lost during that time. The Linen Memorial has been on tour in N. Ireland to the general public since the implementation of their country-wide 2007 Day of Reflection. Trouton was honoured for it to be celebrated in the International Art world with its unveiling, here, at the 2016 Hangzhou, China, International Triennial of Fibre Art.

The work of Lycia Trouton was exhibited at this event along with artists such as Sheila Hicks and François Daireaux. The Curator for Trouton’s work at this show was the renowned, Sarat Maharaj, of London, United Kingdom. A comprehensive catalogue was created from this Triennial showcase by The China Academy of Art Press, Chief Editor Si Shunwei Shi Hui. In here, is meticulously archived Trouton’s work at this show, as well as the other artists involved.