International Linen Biennial Of Portneuf 2011
La Biennale Internationale du lin de Portneuf

Biennale Internationale Du Lin De Portneuf, Deschambault-Grondines, Quebec, Canada

Every odd year in Portneuf cultural distribution centres, the renowned International Linen Biennial of Portneuf occurs. It is both an artistic and cultural experience, with massive audience and artist attendance at venues across Quebec.

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You will see below in the video, Lycia Trouton speak about her creation of the Linen Memorial and how it became welcomed as a part of the International Linen Biennial of Portneuf 2011, in Quebec. The Linen Memorial is a hand-stitched monument, made up of over 400 linen handkerchiefs, embroidered with the names of those who passed away during the period of The Troubles in N. Ireland. When the Linen Memorial travels, it takes on the unique aspects of the area and venue it is representing through. As the International Linen Biennial is a worldwide celebrated, and attended, event, it was important for Trouton to highlight here why a work created in N. Ireland had relevance in Quebec, and beyond that, internationally.

This Biennial is focussed on investigating, both the “technical and conceptual aspect” of current linen and flax practices. In relevance, Trouton’s own work explores the historical and contemporary roles that linen and textile play in our public and private experience. Thanks to a grant from the Australian Research Council, Trouton took on the post of assistant postcolonial manufacturing researcher for a period of time, which influenced the direction of her practice and presentation at this show.

Curatorial Panel included Adrien Landry, Centre des textiles contemporains de Montréal, Contemporary Textile Museum Montreal as well as Prof. Louise Richard.

Director: Dominique Roy and Pierre Gignac

A few of the original captures of this event were slightly altered, and gratefully taken from