Gallerie Camille, Detroit, Michigan, USA

Playing with a two-pronged approach to both the beauty industry and DIY craftivism, these artists illustrate how aspects of feminine creativity have developed within these parameters. The dialogue between photographer spindler, and 2 installation artists terzieva and trouton creates a new vision about the consumerism of cosmetics and crafts, alongside historic ideas of beauty, ‘the domestic’, body adornment (namely artificial fingernail painting), women’s work, craft, the miniature and female empowerment and/or femininity. The result is that this art exhibition shows how individualism and the creative culture (stemming from their training in american abstract modernism and international post-colonialism) outsmarts a seemingly homogeneous, all-powerful consumerism of the 2016+ cosmetic industry, alongside the rise of the new billion-dollar craft consumerism.

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The work in this exhibition is also influenced by the recently mainstreamed concepts and visuals of the 2012 global tour of the exhibition of in wonderland: the surrealist adventures of women artists in Mexico and the United States.

By Ilene Susan Fort et al. This exhibition expressed never-before notions of how these early women artists imaged their subconscious and dreams, and provided new insight into their conceptual links as a group.

Two artists, Spindler and Terzieva, are well-known in the Detroit art scene. The west-coast-based Trouton returns to mid-town as she holds her MFA in Sculpture (1991) from Cranbrook.

Key Photography Lisa Spindler