Lycia Danielle Trouton | Sculptor

The Turnly Competition

Established February 10th 2007. an Art-Language concept.

A reinstigation of The 19th Century Cushendall Trust 'Essay' Prize proposed by Francis Turnly (1766 – 1845) the former Landlord of Cushendall for his Integral Union of Human Society:

In accordance with Turnly’s vision, please submit art or essays about:

  • "A theory of the combination of the whole human race, throughout its nations, tribes and subdivisions, into a harmonious system…in accordance with revelation, reason and experience."
  • The Irish contribution to, and losses during, the Napoleanic wars
  • "Mathematical or biological concepts of the integration of parts, each infinitesimally small and yet united, towards a functioning whole."
  • How the fine arts would serve "the grand design", such as "the harmony of the gestures of a Chinese actor to music"
Cushendall Tower Rules

Please email the artist Lycia Trouton with your entry.
Prizes awarded in the first week in August at The Tower Open House Evening