Lycia Danielle Trouton | Sculptor

Testimonal extracts

Thanks I have never forgotten your serpent on the college campus and your steps to the various paradises. I think you have a lot of talent, and it is unique and excellently executed, and it is calling you.

Prof Emeritus Gloria Orenstein,
Los Angeles USA Jan 31 2014.

"Lycia's work is perched, swaying, teetering and fully enjoying the loss of equilibrium...I am struck by her unique, mystic, creative power... With Lycia the mold was most certainly broken."

Steve Murakishi. Former Head, Printmaking.
Cranbrook Academy of Art, USA 1991

"I worked with Lycia in the early a curator, I had up to that time never worked with an artist who brought more commitment and discipline to her work...BioLogical TIme was beautiful and the work engendered complex intellectual discourse. Essentially, her work touched -- deeply -- people's lives. In essence, her art created community.

Lycia Trouton’s environmentally conscious and complex monumental work with natural and so-called waste materials is compelling, intellectually rigorous, and just plain beautiful. In her work, she is helping us learn again how to live together on this fragile, damaged sphere.

"Lycia brings to ALL her work a commitment to public discourse, an engagement with essential social themes, an extraordinary intellectual rigor and a rare and refreshing integrity. Her public art is significant and beautiful."

Roy Slade. Former President.
Cranbrook Academy of Art, USA 1990s

Excellent synopsis of the Cranbrook Art Academy

Ben Mitchell, Art Curator/Editor, The Nicolaysen Art Museum, Wyoming, USA 2000.
Former senior curator, Yellowstone Art Museum; former director and has been a panelist throughout the North West for state and city arts councils’ fellowships and grants; was a 2004 NEA panelist.

"The desire for understanding, from the very external and political to the very personal, is the impulse for Lycia Trouton's work."

Gerry Craig, Associate Professor/Art Department Head,
University of Kansas, Manhattan, KS, USA.

"Lycia has immense insight, compassion and remarkable tenacity."

Gerry Sont, Professional Actor, Corporate Presenter; TV Show Host Australia 2009

About The Linen Memorial to the those killed in Northern Ireland’s sectarian violence –

Your reader-viewers' own intertwining of religious and ethnic traditions is, itself, a testament to reconciliation. I made a documentary which had girls in Ireland recite their names and county of origin – naming is a simple but powerful way to honour lives.

Siobhan McHugh, Oral historian, Writer and Documentary Filmmaker, lecturer, Sydney, Australia.

You have created a most appropriate memorial. The Irish linen floats through the air like it breathes life itself.

Carolyn Kramer, Painter, based in Vancouver, B.C., Canada and Los Angeles, California, USA.

Wish I could be there to see your work. The Linen Memorial is really a very interesting concept.

Pat George, Sculptor, Senior Academic in Visual Arts, University of Victoria, British Columbia, Canada.